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  • LG SL4Y 2.1 Wireless Soundbar
  • $299.00
  • FREE delivery available
  • Impressively powerful A great picture needs great sound to match. The LG  SL4Y 2.1 Wireless Sound Bar  sounds as good as it looks, and it's...
  • LOGIK L1DVDB17 DVD Player
  • $19.99
  • Logik L2HDVD17 DVD Player Suitable for your guestroom or kitchen, the Logik L1DVDB17 DVD Player lets you enjoy great entertainment with all your...
  • LOGIK L1DVDB19 DVD Player
  • $24.99  $-5.01
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  • Play your favourite CDs and DVDs with the Logik L1DVDB19 DVD Player . Just pop a DVD or CD into the disc tray and unwind with the movies and albums...
  • LOGIK L2HDVD19 DVD Player
  • $39.99  $4.99
    Save: 88% off. available in today.
  • Watch those old favourites in even greater detail with the Logik  L2HDVD19 DVD Player . Whether you love modern comedies or classic westerns, the ...